To a great extent I am a "serial painter". I use these themes again and again, while applying different translations, interpretations or techniques. I paint while listening to music and singing along, or while talking to other people. This enables me to divert my attention from the painting itself and to allow subconscious flow unhindered by logic thought. This flow dictates the painting, and as a matter of fact my body is just a tool for the painting to materialize. My creation is very basic, somewhat naive, and maybe even primitive. There is no academic processing of symbols, measured compositions, nor an attempt to convey a verbal message using graphic means. What you see is what there is. I myself don't always know "what did the artist want to say". I often find myself looking at my own paintings, surprised to find in them things I was not aware of. Thus, for example with my "ancient connections" series of paintings: first came the paintings and only later came the understanding that I tried to establish through them a dialogue with the ancient cave painters, through the ages, one painter to another.

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